Always in Christ

Romans 8:31-39

Depression; clinical depression. It is not something understood by those who do not suffer from it. It isn’t simply a mood or a sullen disposition. Depression is a chronic condition, an imbalance, an affliction. Such depression can take hold of one’s life and turn it inside out. Yes, it can be managed, but such words roll quickly off the tongues from those who do not live such a life.

I’ve known several people who have confided in me concerning their depression. No, I have not always understood how I might be of help to them. As I encounter these situations, it becomes evident that my weaknesses out number my strengths. But even in this, there is a Lord who shows the way. He provides the greatest strength of all. Love.

The love of God is such that there is never a place where we might find ourselves apart from him. No darkness is too dark, no fear too great and no distance too far to be overcome by the compassion and comfort of Christ. Our hope rests in him, for Jesus is the one who has the power to save us from those afflictions and conditions that haunt us. For Jesus is the one who saves God’s people and promises to be with us, even to the end of the age.

Prayer: Come to me, O Lord, and fill me with your peace and presence today and always. Amen.

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