Truth in Christ

John 8:21-32

Many heard Jesus teaching in the temple and were amazed. Some Pharisees, who were standing nearby; however, took exception. The Pharisees often found themselves at odds with Jesus’ words. They believed their self-defined teaching to be the standard. Jesus pointed out the reality; they did not live up to God’s expectations. Instead of hearing Christ’s call to repentance, these Pharisees tried to trap Jesus with trick questions.

We continue to live in a world which questions the authority and identity of Jesus. Our worldly society is centered upon self-defined standards. Attempts are often made to redefine sin, love, marriage and a host of other aspects of life. All of which, through sin, run counter to Holy Scripture. No matter what, we cannot redefine Christ’s teaching and we cannot alter God’s Word. Humanity’s call is to listen to his voice, accept his teaching, and strive to live according to God’s precepts.

Many people today often challenge the authority of Jesus and his teaching. They still ask, “Who is Jesus?” The answer remains the same. Jesus is the Christ; whose gospel teaches us truth and obedience. Through him only is there forgiveness of sins and the promise of eternal life.

Prayer: Father, we praise you for your Son Jesus Christ, through whom you pour out your mercy and grace. Amen.

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