Servant of all

Mark 10:32-35

Three times, Jesus foretold of his crucifixion. In the first instance, Peter wouldn’t have any of it. His objections drew a sharp rebuke from Jesus. The second time Jesus was with Peter, James and John coming down from the mountain of the Transfiguration. The three kept the matter to themselves. Now, here in Mark’s tenth chapter, Jesus once again tells the disciples he must be handed over and killed, and then be raised on the third day. Yet, after the third time, the disciples still don’t seem to be tuning in.

James and John are more worried about their future status, looking forward to lofty positions in heaven. The rest of the disciples are angry with James and John, and they really have not paid much attention to what Jesus is saying. Scripture does testify that, following Jesus’ resurrection, the apostles indeed responded in faith. But what about God’s people today? Surely Jesus’ dying and rising for the sake of the world requires a response.

Responding in faith means following Jesus’ example living for others. Jesus isn’t concerned with earthly greatness. He isn’t worried about social standing, who has the biggest house or the most money. Jesus cares that people are saved from sin. He cares so much, that he calls his people to be servants of the gospel sharing the love of God so that others might come to believe.

Prayer: Make me your willing servant, O God, that I might share your love with others. Amen.

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