Mark 3:20-35, Ephesians 4:17-32, Isaiah 44:9-20

How foolish we are; how misguided are our thoughts. Too often, superstitions and charms get in the way of faith. Who remembers carrying a lucky rabbit’s foot as a child? Who recalls possessing a four leafed clover? How many times have you turned the horseshoe upright so the luck does not run out? These are but a few examples of humanity’s struggle with false gods. Harmless superstitions? Tell that to the person purchasing lotto tickets with his last few dollars; his lucky number is due. Thankfully, Jesus shows us the truth.

When Jesus showed the Jews the power of God’s love, they claimed he was out of his mind. No one had ever taught the things Jesus taught or performed such miracles. Surely, they thought, he was demon possessed. Their hearts were hardened by worldly powers. The people’s minds were closed to the truth that Jesus truly was the Son of God. The same is true today.

Science attempts to explain the wonders of the universe; philosophy the powers of reason. People put trust in horoscopes and all sorts of superstitious folly in order to make sense of their lives. Each attempt falls short, for only by faith can the truth be known. Through faith, we know Jesus is Lord. Only Christ has the power to save.

Prayer: Thank you Lord, for the truth of your Christ, and for your grace that comes through him only. Amen.

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