Journey of faith

Ephesians 2:1-10

The annual salmon run in Alaska is truly something to behold. Guided by the forces of nature, salmon, one after another, struggle to swim against the currents. Navigating violent rapids and falls, the salmon push ahead finally reaching their destination. At the end of the journey, they fulfill their purpose, then die. No doubt, swimming with the current would be easier, but to what end?

People also follow a path led by determination. Human nature drives us in a direction towards the goal of self-fulfillment. As Paul states, the powers in the air are at work leading people through the courses of the world. They act as swift currents pushing humanity away from the purposes God intends. We make excuses; “It is how everyone does it.” “If it is meant to be it will be.” “God made me this way.” Such attitudes cause us to give in and swim with the flow away from faithfulness.

Paul reminds us that, even as we are no match for the powers in the air, by the power of God’s grace we are saved. Faithful obedience led Christ to the cross. He fulfilled God’s purpose to save his people. Saved by grace through faith in Christ, God enables us to swim against the currents, reach our destination, and live.

Prayer: Give me strength, O God, that I may complete my journey through faith in Christ and dwell in your kingdom forever. Amen.

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