To Be Blessed and Blessing


Genesis 12:1-4

It is true that, because of modern marvels in technology and transportation, our world is becoming a smaller place. People often pick up and go here and there, move from one place to another and sometimes settle in foreign lands. Yet, there are places where many families have put down roots and stayed in the land of their ancestors. Either way, as part of a mobile society or not, it is difficult to imagine God’s call to Abram. God called Abram, instructing him to leave the land of his ancestors in order to settle and dwell in the land promised by God. Abram would later become known as Abraham, meaning Father of Many Nations. Through him, God began the work of redemption for our fallen humanity.

Today, God continues to call his people to leave behind their old way of life in order to follow his son Jesus Christ. God sanctifies his people through the power of the Holy Spirit given in Baptism. He forgives our sins through the body and blood of his only Son. God equips us through his Word and send us into the world to share the good news of salvation.

Such is the message of Advent; to remember the covenant God made with Abraham so long ago, remembering also the promise that Christ will come again. We are God’s people now, saved by the blood of the one whom God raised up through the family of Abraham. We too are blessed and called to be a blessing for others.

Holy God, you call us to follow where you would have us go. Give us faith that we may do your will and share the good news of salvation through the gift of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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