The Emmaus Road

Luke 24_13

Luke 24:13-35

The road to Emmaus, as traveled by two disciples, was one of abandoned hope and broken hearts. Early in the week they greeted Jesus as their king. Days later, Jesus was crucified. Instead of their King’s triumph, they witnessed a horrible defeat. And so they walked home heartbroken, yet they were not alone.

Many of us have experienced such a road. We know heartbreak and grief. Some can recall wondering if they would ever again experience joy. This is precisely the point when we ought to recognize that feeling that we too are not alone. Jesus is near.

As they walked together, the risen Christ joined them and taught them that God’s intent went far beyond the pain of the present day cross. Jesus helped them recognize that out of darkness, God brings light. Out of despair, God gives hope. Through the risen Christ, God raises the dead to life.

Finally, in Emmaus, Jesus is revealed in the breaking of the bread. For us today, Jesus is revealed in the very same way. By the power of the Holy Spirit, Christ opens our minds that we might encounter him. Through the bread that is broken and the wine that is poured, the risen Lord Jesus comes to us with God’s forgiveness and love.

At some time, we all experience the grief of the Emmaus Road. Yet, Christ is near. This is the Easter message, the restoration of hope, the forgiveness of sins and the joy of salvation. It is the assurance that in Christ, life conquers death and we are never alone. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

Holy God, we thank you for your grace, which comes through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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