Luke 19_40

Luke 19:29-48

The Passion of our Lord, as it is read to the people of God, brings with it a range of emotions. In the early moments of the reading, crowds of people line the road that leads into the city. Shouts of “Hosanna,” combined with waving palm branches signal to those who have waited for so long that their King is coming to them. Most are joyous, but for the Chief Priests, scribes and Pharisees, there seems little to celebrate.

The spectacle is too much; they want it shut down immediately. Instructions are given to Jesus that he quiet the crowds before it get too far out of hand. Yet Jesus assures them that, “if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.” Luke 19:40

The powers that defy God continue their attempt to silence the disciples of our Lord Jesus. Public prayer, posting of the Ten Commandments, and many seasonal Christian displays are strongly discouraged and at times even forbidden. It is like the Pharisees demanding the followers of Christ to refrain from praising his name and sharing is Word. Yet, even as the crowds of Palm Sunday sang out, the Church also sings “Hosanna.”

As we enter this Holy Week, consider how you might share your faith with those who do not know Christ. Recognize those times when you might encourage a believer that is experiencing doubt. And pray for the Church, that as we prepare for the most holy of days, we may proclaim with a clear voice, the victory of Christ over sin and the power of the grave.

O Lord, strengthen me in faith, that I may proclaim to all your mercy and grace through your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

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