Life’s greatest question

Hebrews 1_10

Genesis 1:1-2:3, Hebrews 1:1-14

Since the beginning, humans have struggled to figure out just how, when, and especially why the world came into existence. When we think about history’s great discoveries, we realize most were made while trying to answer the questions how, when and why? It is amazing that in this quest for knowledge, the world fails to ask the most central question; “who?”

Who started all this? Who are we and why should some higher power care about us? The people of God have known the answers to this question all along. God started it all, sustains it all, and loves it all. The trouble Christians face when making these statements is that worldly powers still do not accept God as an answer. When asked about the beginning, Christians are expected to have all the answers. Non-believers demand Christians offer definitive answers that even they cannot provide, but they will not believe the truth of faith.

By sharing faith, we share knowledge of God, who is the source of the answers to life’s greatest questions. There is no status one must reach or credential to possess in order to share faith. The only requirement is to speak the truth of Christ, his life, death and resurrection. God will do the rest.

Science will never fully reveal the answers to life’s greatest mysteries by asking how, when and why. Yet, by keeping Christ at the center of our discussions, Christians may help others come to realize the answer to the greatest question of all; “Who?” Once we understand that God is the author of all life, suddenly the how, when and why don’t seem so important.

Lord Jesus, keep our focus upon you, for you are the author of all life. Amen.

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