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Consider Jesus

John 2:13-22, Hebrews 3:1-11 Everyone has at least one bad habit, one particular vice that keeps us from getting the proper amount of rest, nutrition, or exercise. Left unchecked, such habits can lead us along a path of poor health, … Continue reading

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Blessed with His Love

Mark 10:1-16 Even in the first century divorce was legal. All that was required was a husband’s letter of the wife’s dismissal. Today’s legalities are much more substantial. It may be legal, but in the eyes of God, divorce is … Continue reading

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Mark 9:14-29 There is one thing that is fairly certain, we have all at one time or another asked people to keep us in their prayers. Another thing that is certain is that others have asked us to do the … Continue reading

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Christmas Light

Luke 2:1-20, John 1:1-4 Light came down; it came from heaven. This light came down and assumed the flesh of a child. He took up residence among the people of God. Many who encountered the light did not recognize its … Continue reading

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Walking in Darkness

Isaiah 9:2-7 When the Word of the Lord came to the prophet Isaiah, he spoke to a people who, much like those of our busy and difficult times, were caught up in the struggle against earthly powers. Living in exile, … Continue reading

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O Come, Emmanuel

Isaiah 7:13-16, Matthew 1: 18-25 With this last antiphon our expectation finds joy in the certainty of fulfillment. We call Jesus by one of the most personal and intimate of his titles, Emmanuel, which means “God with us.” Recalling, through … Continue reading

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O King of Nations

Isaiah 28:16, Ephesians 2:10-16, Matthew 21:42-43 As you look upon photographs of the earth taken from outer space, you should notice something of significance. Between the nations, one cannot distinguish borders. Only those boundaries formed by natural means, such as … Continue reading

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O Radiant Dawn

Isaiah 60: 1-6, Luke 1:76-79 The title for the fifth antiphon of the Christmas Octave is translated in several ways. Morning star, Dayspring, Rising sun, Radiant dawn; each beautifully expresses the illustration of light shattering the darkness of night. In … Continue reading

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O Key of David

Isaiah 22:20-25, John 20: 19-23 Holding the key means being in control; having the authority to open and shut, the ability to grant entrance through the gate. Isaiah prophecies that there will be one who comes with complete authority. Upon … Continue reading

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O Root of Jesse

Isaiah 11:1-10, Luke 1:26-33 When we think of the greatest leaders throughout history, we recognize they had many similar qualities. We can say most governed with the best intentions for their people. They cared for the well-being of others, and … Continue reading

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