More than enough

Mark 6_37

Mark 6:30-44

When the disciples realized the time of day, they knew there was a problem. Having spent the day listening and learning from their Lord, it suddenly dawned on them. There were too many hungry people in a place where too little food could be found. On top of that, it was getting late in the day. A decision had to be made, so they brought the situation to Jesus’ attention. Imagine their reaction when the Lord told them “You give them something to eat.”

Give them something to eat? All of them? How is that going to happen when we don’t even have enough to take care of ourselves? Yes, the reaction the twelve had was much the same our congregations have when the Lord gives us a similar command.

Give them something to eat. Shelter the poor and homeless. Provide water for those who are thirsty. Have compassion and provide comfort for the lost and lonely.

All of them? Really? We don’t even have enough to take care of our church. How are we supposed to do all of that? It all comes down to identifying the loaves and fishes at our disposal.

The key to discipleship is trusting God to provide that which is necessary to do the work Christ commands. God pours out the gifts of his kingdom in abundance. There is always more than enough to accomplish his will. After identifying the five loaves and two fish, the disciples soon discovered that with Christ, it was more than enough. With our faith and trust in the same Lord Jesus, we too will discover the abundance placed within our hands.

Lord, help us identify the loaves you provide, that we may share them generously with others. Amen.

Image: Feeding the children in Boma, Dem. Rep. of the Congo

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