Keeping Sabbath

Luke 6_5

Jeremiah 30:1-9, Colossians 1:1-14, Luke 6:1-11

Once again, Jesus encounters controversy on the Sabbath. The attitude of the Pharisees only confirms their shortsightedness when it comes to actually keeping the Sabbath for what it is, time set aside to worship God, giving him thanks, blessing and honor.

How often are we like the Pharisees? How much does our own short sightedness get in the way of our keeping the Sabbath holy? Today, Christians keeping the Sabbath is somewhat of a distant memory. Worship competes with worldly expectations; stores run door buster sales, civic events fill the calendar and Christian families are lured away from the Church by recreational activity and other forms of entertainment. Our lessons today remind us that God requires something different.

God’s desire is that his people take time to rest in his Word, strengthen their faith and enjoy fellowship among God’s people. For so many around the world, tomorrow is the day for worship; it is the Lord’s Day. Not only that, it is the first opportunity of this new year to recommit to a healthy habit of faithful living. Jesus, who is Lord of all, welcomes you into his midst. Come, worship him and receive the goodness of God’s forgiveness and favor. The world and all of its business can wait.

Lord, keep us steadfast in your Word, that we might keep the Sabbath holy. Amen.

Image: Paschal Lamb window; St. Barnabas Lutheran Church, Charleston, SC 2009

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