O Radiant Dawn

Isaiah 60_1

Isaiah 60: 1-6, Luke 1:76-79

The title for the fifth antiphon of the Christmas Octave is translated in several ways. Morning star, Dayspring, Rising sun, Radiant dawn; each beautifully expresses the illustration of light shattering the darkness of night. In the same way, the promise of God’s Messiah shatters the darkness of sin, death and the power of the devil.

As humanity continues to walk in the darkness of a fallen and broken world, the light of Christ shatters that which separates God and man. Jesus is indeed the true light. Through him, the Father’s glory is revealed to those who rejoice at the advent of God’s salvation.

In the radiance of the Father’s splendor, the church prays this petition in earnest. For in Christ, light has come into the world. In this light, we are confident in his promise to come again, shattering the darkness forever and ever. And so the Advent church sings:

O come O dayspring, come and cheer;
O Sun of Justice draw near
Disperse the gloomy clouds of night,
And death’s dark shadow put to flight.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel v. 6 traditional

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