Christmas Light

Luke 2_10

Luke 2:1-20, John 1:1-4

Light came down; it came from heaven. This light came down and assumed the flesh of a child. He took up residence among the people of God. Many who encountered the light did not recognize its source. Most who passed by didn’t even take notice. Others, most certainly found it hard to believe such light could radiate from the smallest, most insignificant of people; a baby wrapped in rages, a feeding trough for his bed. But then shepherds came.

They were filled with excitement; theirs was a story too good to be true. Angels brought, to this band of sheep watchers, the news concerning the birth of a Savior; Christ the Lord they said! Can it be? The Christ of God born this night…in this little town? So they ran, only to find things just the way the angels said they would be. In that instant, the shepherds recognized the light.

Who told you? Who brought you the good news of this light from heaven? Was it an angel, or a shepherd? Probably not, but it was most certainly someone who recognized the light from heaven; and now you do too. Tell others. Tell them light came down. It came from heaven. And in the light was life and the life was the light for all people. Angels told shepherds. Tell someone, anyone. Share the good news.

God of wonder, fill us with the light of your Christ, that we may share the light and the life he brings for the sake of all people. For we know he is Christ the Lord. Amen.

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