From Water into Wine

John 2_11

John 2:1-11

The miracle of Jesus turning water into wine gives us a glimpse of God’s redeeming power. When we hear this account of one of Jesus’ first signs, we are drawn to the water itself, that which became wine. One thing we often overlook is the vessel in which the water was poured. These clay jars, large as they may be, had one purpose, to contained water used for purification before sitting down for a meal. Simply put, they were used to hold water to wash one’s hands and feet. Upon the water’s transformation into wine, these vessels had a much different purpose; to hold and pour out that which God had made to reveal his glory.

In the beginning, our earthly bodies, these vessels of clay, had one intended purpose, to glorify God. Yet, through humanity’s fall into sin, our earthly bodies have become less that what God intended. Through Christ, we are redeemed, transformed and made new. As we are washed in the waters of Holy Baptism, we become vessels with a purpose; to glorify God. The power of the risen Christ is the power that saves and transforms. Through Christ Jesus, God redeems us, transforms us and calls us to pour out the good news of his grace.

Prayer: Redeeming God, through Christ you make all things new. Make us vessels of your grace and cause us to share the power of your love. Amen.

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