A New Beginning

Let there be light

Genesis 1:1-5, John 1:1-4

Holy Scripture teaches God’s children that, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” In the beginning there was nothing but darkness, yet God brought forth light. In the beginning there was no dry land, no animals or creatures of any kind, yet God caused rains to fall, plants to sprout and he filled the earth with animals, the seas with fishes and the skies with birds of every kind.

In the beginning, God created the first humans in his very image and likeness. God created the humans for one another, and gave them the task of tilling and keeping his beautiful garden. In the beginning, our vocation was to love God and care for all he had made. And so it has been since the beginning.

Today marks a new beginning, one more opportunity to begin the day with thankful praise, one more moment to pause and reflect on God’s Word, one more instance in which we may begin the new day following our Lord Jesus and his commandment to love God and love neighbor. We begin this new day, dwelling in God’s Word of life, and living in the light of his love.

Prayer: In the beginning, O Lord, you created the heavens and the earth. Fill us with your light, that we may dwell in your love forever. Amen.

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