Rely on God

Matthew 6:25-34

How often do you wake up today and you are already worried about tomorrow? If that is the case, it is likely you went to bed already feeling the pressure of a certain circumstance or the ill effects of something you perceive to be a looming problem. And so it goes for so many in our world.

Our Lord Jesus teaches us that we should not worry. We should not worry about clothing, food, drink or anything else under the sun. When we worry or become anxious about things we have or don’t have, we rely upon ourselves to alleviate the problem. Yet, truthfully, we are to put our trust in God who provides all we will ever need for life. As our Lord Jesus says, it is the father’s good pleasure to give us his kingdom.

Worrying about tomorrow’s problems today only causes them to become stumbling blocks for today’s opportunities. Lift up your worries and cares to God in prayer. Commend them to the Lord. As you do, you will soon realize his presence in your life each day, and the anxiousness for tomorrow will be replaced with the joy of Christ today.

Prayer: Lord, I put my trust in you, knowing you will provide all I need. Amen.

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