Luke 23:26-49

Convicted. Albeit wrongly, that is the word which describes our Lord’s condition. Jesus was convicted, found guilty. Guilty of what you might ask? Guilty of “our” sins. It had to be this way. Jesus had to be convicted and sentenced to death, for the wages of sin is death. How could he save sinners from such wages if he himself were not to suffer the pain of our death? And so what needed to be was accomplished.

Victorious. One more word that describes Jesus as he breathed his last. Yes, victorious, what other word could there be? Jesus of Nazareth, the one whom God sent into the world in order to save sinners fulfilled his purpose. He lived a life without sin, obedient to God’s law even unto death. And in offering his life for the sake of humanity, Christ paid our debt to God.

Forgiven. That’s what Jesus declares for those who are truly repentant and confess their sin. We are forgiven, freed from the consequences of our disobedience. We are relieved from the burden of our guilt and our relationship with our Father is restored. This is the reality of Good Friday, that through the innocent death of Jesus Christ, sinners are set free from death. Thanks be to God.

Prayer: Thank you Lord Jesus for your pardon and peace. Amen.

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