2 Corinthians 4:1-18

Normal. Now there is a word we all have used plenty of times recently. We all want things to get back to normal. Schools are closed. Restaurants are take out only. Grocery stores are sold out of household cleaning supplies. And try to purchase a bottle of hand sanitizer. Wouldn’t it be great if things could get back to normal? Then we wouldn’t have such a heavy burden of anxiety and doubt.

In a timeless writing, the apostle Paul reminds the church at Corinth, and us as well, that even as the burdens of earthly life seem too much to bear, Christ is with us. Through faith in Christ Jesus, we know that earthly powers truly have no hold upon God’s people. As Paul says, we are afflicted in every way, but not crushed, driven to despair, not forsaken; nor destroyed.

I for one, pray that things do not return to what we know as normal. I pray that following the coronavirus outbreak, God would heal the rest of our wounds that cause so much division in our world. Even as we wrestle with everyday troubles, we have the assurance that God is near. He hears our prayers and answers them according to his lovingkindness. During this momentary affliction, this is the message we are to share with others. Christ is with us.

Prayer: O Lord, Give us strength to meet the challenges of this life. Amen.

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