The greatest joy

Luke 18:15-17

It seems there is no greater joy than when expectant parents hear the first sounds of their child’s heart beating from within. So much excitement, an overload of anticipation, all wrapped up in the pulsating rhythm announcing the beginning of new life. There is no greater joy, at least until the child is born. It is immeasurable.

There is no greater sorrow, however, when this same heart begins to struggle. When a young life fights against all odds, grief creeps in. Too young, too soon, too brief a visit for parents to accept the reality of the pain of death. Tears of bitter loss snatch the last hints of joy away. What is left when such a heart beats its last? Life!

Our Lord Jesus said, “Let the children come to me and do not hinder them.” Because of Christ’s victory over sin and death, all God’s people, especially the little children, stand in the shadow of the cross ready to inherit the kingdom of heaven. Innocent, childlike faith is able to accept even that which we cannot understand. It overcomes the most painful sorrow and gains for us the greatest joy. Unimaginable, uncontainable, never-ending joy. Such is the promise of faith. Thanks be to God.

Prayer: O Lord, turn our sorrow into joy. Bring us into the gates of your kingdom. Amen.

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