The weight of the world

Isaiah 40:28-31

The weight of the world is a very heavy burden. But there comes a point in life that, no matter how strong our resolve, strength gives way to weariness. We have all been there. One thing is added upon another and soon, well, the weight of the world comes crashing down. Like salmon swimming against powerful rapids, we make a great leap forward, but soon the overwhelming current washes us backward. So, do you feel like giving up? Well, if you are struggling to persevere, there is hope. It is found in the Lord.

So many centuries ago, the population of ancient Judah struggled against worldly powers which robbed them of their home, their land and for some, their religion. Yet, the prophet Isaiah, during years of exile, foretold of God’s enduring strength, compassion and steadfast love. Strength and perseverance, said the prophet, comes from the Lord.

God continues to strengthen those who call upon his name. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, the fellowship of other Christians, and a life of worship and prayer, God’s people are fortified against the powers of this world. You may feel that the weight of the world is upon your shoulders but the weight of your sin, the difficulties of earthly life, and the struggle against the powers that defy God are carried upon the shoulders of Christ, who is your ever-present strength.

Prayer: Thank you, Lord God, for renewing my strength each new day. Amen.

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