Authority, source, norm

Mark 11:27-33

As Jesus taught in the temple, many heard his words and were amazed. Some Pharisees, however, were not so pleased with Jesus’ teaching. They often found themselves to be the subjects of his lessons which pointed out to them their failure to live up to God’s expectations. Instead of hearing the prophetic voice calling them to repentance, these Pharisees took exception and tried to trap Jesus with their trick questions.

Jesus’ teaching continues to confound those who live as the world lives. It seems we no longer live in an age when authority is not socially recognized, but questioned. Even within the community of believers, biblical authority is often called into question. The Holy Scriptures, however, remain God’s authoritative source and norm for faith and life.

The Pharisees who questioned Jesus did so because their hearts were hardened to the truth of God’s Word. Those who question the authority of scripture today, do so with hearts turned toward human understanding. Yet, Jesus is the one who calls us all to repentance. His is the authority handed over to him by the Father. Through him only is there forgiveness and eternal life.

Prayer: Open my heart to your Word, O Lord, that I may receive your grace. Amen.

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