State of the union

Romans 6:1-10

The State of the Union Address; that was the speech that concluded just over seven hours ago. The address is made each year in order to convey the health (or lack thereof) of our country. It is a speech given to please power bases and supporters. And it is a speech given to outline the proposed agenda for the next twelve months, to provide direction until the next State of the Union Address is given.

The trouble with such speeches goes beyond partisan divides. It goes beyond the angst of one side of the aisle against the other. The trouble with such speeches is that they are given by sinners, to sinners, seeking the approval of sinners; all in a worldly context. But there is a state of union that is much higher in purpose.

The Christian’s union with Christ far outweighs any other relationship. Promises given from behind congressional podiums cannot deliver the forgiveness humans truly need. Bold claims made by elected officials cannot stir up such faith as to dispel doubt. And approval signaled by raucous applause cannot proclaim the defeat of evil. No, only unity with Christ, established through baptism can proclaim to sinful ears the reality of God’s mercy and grace, and bestow eternal life upon those justified by grace through faith in Christ Jesus. This is the state of union made certain and sure, by the love of God.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, continue to bless your people with the power of your love. Amen.

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