Praise the Lord

Psalm 150:1-6

It is indeed right and salutary that we should, at all times and in all places, offer thanks and praise to you, O Lord, Holy Father, through Christ our Lord. And so begins the preface to celebrating the sacrament of Holy Communion.

As sinners saved by the grace of God through faith in Christ, we have much to be thankful for. We know the wages of our sin is death. We also know that there is nothing we can do on our own to save ourselves or merit salvation. Yet, through the endless love of God, Jesus Christ was given so that those who believe in him would be saved from their sin.

With a grateful heart and with voices lifted toward heaven, praise the Lord. Praise him with glad sounds. Praise him with joy and adoration. Give thanks and praise to the one, the only one, who has the power to save. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His mercy endures forever.

Prayer: I thank you, O God, for your grace, mercy and love. Amen.

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