To bear fruit

Luke 13:6-9

Note in Jesus’ parable that the fig tree isn’t expected to do anything miraculous. It’s in a vineyard, but it isn’t asked to produce grapes. The owner of the vineyard doesn’t demand that it become something it is not. He only asks it to do what fig trees do…bear figs. One point is made clear; God expects his people will bear fruit for his kingdom.

What is said concerning the fig tree can be said for those who profess a faith in Christ. God does not expect his people to become something they are not. He merely expects that they share his love with others. In order to do this, God blesses his people with spiritual gifts to be used in mission and ministry. The Apostle Paul explains that each Christian is blessed with certain gifts for ministry. Still, the parable of the fig tree teaches us important lessons.

In order to use our gifts and talents, our faith must be nurtured. We must read scripture and learn from Christ the ways of compassion and love. We are to gather for worship and receive God’s forgiveness and mercy with gladness. The vinedresser committed himself to care for the fig tree. We who are followers of Christ commit ourselves to the teaching of his gospel and prayer.

Prayer: Nourish my faith, O God, that I would bear fruit for your kingdom. Amen.

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