A new day

Psalm 118, Zephaniah 3:14-20

With each sunrise comes the hope that today will be better than tomorrow. The problems of yesterday are in the past, they are but memories now. Today is a new day, a chance to start again, an opportunity to do better.

We have all had mornings such as this. We have all suffered through bad days, moments of grief and loss, or times of trouble. Often times we become so engulfed in our predicament that we lose sight of the one who calls us his own. Yet, God is present.

The psalmist reminds us that in the midst of earthly life, each new day is a gift from our Father in heaven. The prophet Zephaniah assures God’s people of his continued peace and presence. God delights in his people. He is pleased with all who call upon his name. His love is greater than any earthly power. He will refresh you.  He will uphold you.  Most of all, God rejoices in you. Greet God in the morning with prayer. Come to him and ask his blessing. Rejoice! This is the gift of a new day.

Prayer: Holy God, I delight in your love for me, for you have called me your own. Amen.

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