Disciples worship

Psalm 150:1-6, Revelation 4:1-11

The psalmist exhorts God’s people to worship him in his temple. Worship God in his house with singing, with music and with thanksgiving and praise. In his vision, John witnesses the worship in heaven as the company of saints gathers around God’s throne. One of the hallmarks of discipleship is that followers of Christ worship him and sing his praises.

Disciples not only worship Christ regularly, they understand the purpose and benefit of worship. The chief purpose of worship is that Christians receive God’s good gifts of forgiveness and eternal life. This is the reason for our worship. The fruit of our worship is that we are strengthened in our faith, thanking God and singing his praises for all he provides.

When we fail to worship, we fail to gather with God’s people and receive that which God pours out. We are absent from the table to which God calls us to receive a foretaste of the feast to come. Thus, when we fail to gather for worship, we miss the opportunity to join with the people of God and bear the fruit of thankfulness for all God continues to do for his people.

Prayer: Grace us with your presence, O God, as we gather in your name for worship. Amen.

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