The feast is ready

Luke 14:16-24

The table is set, the banquet prepared. Everything is ready. It is time for the feast. There is only one problem, the guests have decided not to attend. It seems there are more pressing things on their minds. Other things, personal things, worldly things, such were the excuses and each declined, one by one. Yet, even as the guests spurned the invitation, the master vowed that banquet will proceed, the meal will be served.

How often do we sinners decline God’s invitation? How many times do we opt out of worship, Bible study or acts of service in order to engage in our personal endeavors? Shall we attend, or do we cancel? After all, we have been invited. Our Baptism into Christ serves as the initial invitation. Even in our disobedience, God set his seal upon us. Through Christ, we have a place at the table.

Through the death and resurrection of his only begotten Son Jesus Christ, God has reconciled that which was lost in sin. In Christ there is forgiveness, in him only is there redemption. For those who seek his grace, the Lord says “Come, the banquet is ready.”

Prayer: Feed us at your table Lord, and fill us with the power of your love. Amen.

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