Walking with Christ

Luke 24:13-35

It’s a long walk down the road to uncertainty, a long dark walk. Turning points are few, and often misunderstood. That’s the road Cleopas and his companion were navigating. That might be wishful thinking. When you’re lost, you’re not really navigating. You’re just walking. We have all found ourselves walking that road at one time or another.

Whether it is grief, depression, loneliness or addiction, the road to uncertainty is one which is well traveled. Sometimes there are sign posts that will redirect us in the way we should go. But even these are often unrecognizable. Remember, it’s the road to uncertainty. It’s hard to travel this road alone. We need someone to point the way.

The stranger that joined Cleopas and his companion seemed to know something the others didn’t. As they walked together, the risen Christ joined them and taught them that God’s intent went far beyond the pain of the cross. Jesus helped them recognize that out of darkness, God brings light. Out of despair, God gives hope. Finally, in the breaking of the bread, theirs eyes were opened. Through Christ, the road to uncertainty finally has a destination, a relationship with the one who restores hope as we walk with him in faith.

Prayer: Teach me your ways, O Christ, that I might walk with you today and always. Amen.

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