Keeping vigil

Luke 23:50-56

What do you do when you feel all hope is lost? When dreams are crushed we are devastated. When we lose someone who is dear, we grieve. When all of this comes at once, there is no direction in which to turn. Such was life for the disciples who followed Jesus and the women who traveled with them. Their Lord, their hope was dead. Crucified and buried, Jesus was no more. At least that’s what the world would have them, and us, believe.

When the reality of sin shatters our hopes and dreams our lives are often sent into a tailspin. Especially when it comes to matters of faith, hope and love, we need assurance. We long to hear from God that all is well. But fear and doubt all too often rise to the surface and cast a long shadow. It’s in these times we forget the words of Christ, that he would be raised on the third day.

Peter, James and John, along with the other remaining disciples hid in fear. Joseph of Arimathea obtained permission to bury Jesus’s lifeless body. The women who followed along saw where his body was laid. They thought it was over. Jesus’s words had fallen silent. But in the still of our hearts, Christians today know our Redeemer lives. With the assurance of the gospel, may God’s people keep vigil today. Pray and prepare for the feast to come.

Prayer: In the quiet of our hearts, O Lord, hear the prayers of thanksgiving for your mercy, grace and love. Amen.

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