Speaking for God

Exodus 4:1-17

Not all Christians are ready and willing to step up and speak out about their faith. Many lack confidence in either their knowledge of the Bible, strength of their voice or ability to articulate clearly what they believe and why. When asked to speak the faith, we humans don’t always believe we can do it. If this describes you, well, you’re not alone.

Moses, as great a prophet and leader that he was, also lacked confidence in his ability to speak for God. In the fourth chapter of Exodus, he admitted to being slow of speech and lacking in eloquence. Moses goes so far as to beg God to send someone else. Yet God reminded him that it is God himself that gives speech to mortals. God promised to fill Moses with the words and message of deliverance.

God has something to say to a world that is hurting and wanting. He has given this word to his people so that we may confidently and boldly share it with others. Do you know what to say? Do you know how to say it? Are you confident in your ability? God gave Moses the words and the ability to speak them. He will do the same for you when the opportunity comes.

Prayer: Give me confidence, O Lord, to speak your word of grace. Amen.

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