Ever present

Psalm 16

O God, I need you today. For some reason, life today seems a little harder. The burdens I carry seem a little heavier. And the place where I am? Well, that seems just a bit colder, lonelier and foreboding. Like I said, God, I need you today.

At one time or another, words such as these are spoken by everyone, everyone that is who calls upon the Lord. From the greatest to the least, all people, at some point in life, feel weak, alone, lost, or abandoned. It’s a natural byproduct of living in a fallen and broken world. Yet, as we call out to God, he is there, always.

King David knew that even though he faced many hardships, challenges and threats, God was always with him. Even in the darkest hours, David could praise God with joy and thanksgiving because he trusted the power of God’s steadfast love. The same is true for Christians today.

God’s love is never failing. He is ever-present in the lives of his people and his mercy endures forever. In those days when everything seems amiss, God is present. In times of trial, God promises to walk with you. And when you are feeling lost or lonely, it is God who will wrap you in his loving arms and make you feel secure.  Call upon God.  He is there, always.

Prayer: O God, I need you today. Thank you for your presence. Amen.

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