Do not steal

You shall not steal. Exodus 20:15

Nearly everyone knows and understands that taking another person’s property without permission is wrong. We simply shouldn’t take something that doesn’t belong to us, or use something that belongs to another without permission. But the sad truth is, we steal from one another every day, most times without even realizing it.

The reality of human life is that, so often we want things that don’t belong to us. The temptation to steal is ever present. When we think of stealing we almost always equate it to theft. Stealing, however, comes in many other forms. When we cut corners on a job we deprive employers of quality labor and consumers the full value of a finished product. Some take credit for the work of others. Debts often go unpaid, or we do our best to get the “best price” rather than make a fair payment for goods and services. These, and so many other instances, are commonplace occurrences, and we are all guilty at some point.

With the commandment against stealing, God reminds us that He is the provider of all we need for life in this world. We are to fear and love God, trusting in His provision, so that we may help our neighbor retain possession of his property and thus enjoy the gifts with which God has blessed him. In this, we also have peace of mind, understanding our God is one who blesses His people so that they may enjoy life.

Prayer: Generous God, give us grateful and generous hearts, so that we may share the blessings of our kingdom with those whom we meet. Amen.

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