Being a servant of all

Mark 9:30-37

Look out for number one. First come, first served. I need my space. The world practically begs us to always consider “Me first.” Inward focus is the order of the day, thus we become stars of our own social media pages, updating our status and sharing an abundance of selfies. Not to be out done, even celebrity evangelists find ways to increase their fame by teaching us how to become a better you, because God wants us to live our best life now. The struggle for greatness, success, and social status seems to be at an all-time high. But as scripture teaches us, Jesus isn’t concerned with our greatness.

Jesus says we are to put the needs of others before our own. As long as we discriminate between people, as long as we judge some more important than others, as long as we desire to be more important ourselves, we block out what God is calling us to do and be. Jesus came and took upon himself the role of a suffering servant. He came to touch, to embrace, to heal, to forgive, to help, and to love, even when he knew it would take him to the cross.

Our prayer should not be such that we desire to become greater, more prosperous or influential. God is fully able and fully willing to give us what we need in life. For the purposes of his mission, God often works through the insignificant and humble to do great things. Understanding this, our prayer becomes much different.

Prayer: Humble us, O Lord, that we might love and serve our neighbor. Make us your servants, fitting us for greatness in your kingdom. Amen.

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