Have compassion

Matthew 15:29-39

They come from of nowhere; the lost and hungry, the forgotten and homeless. They appear on street corners, holding signs, asking for a hand out, begging for change. Others are drawn to churches, pleading for assistance with a utility bill or back rent. They seem to have so little, but their need seems so great. Small change given from the cup holder of your car won’t be enough to help, and the handful of one dollar bills will only go so far.

As Jesus walked the wilderness of Galilee, he encountered a similar situation. Crowds followed him everywhere he went, bringing with them their sick, their burdens and the unfortunate reality of living without means to satisfy all their needs. They came and fell at his feet, and Jesus had compassion for them. Jesus showed love and mercy then he promised the impossible. In that desolate place, Jesus declared to his disciples all should be fed. Impossible! Yet, once the resources were identified and brought to Jesus, there was more than enough. The creator of all blessed that which was presented to him, so that all would be satisfied.

The same holds true for God’s people today. God blesses us with loaves and fishes sufficient enough for us to care for those in need. Faithfully identifying the loaves and offering them generously is a disciple’s joy. The task may seem daunting, perhaps impossible but, in his compassion, God blesses that which is presented to him so that all will be satisfied.

Prayer:  Gracious Lord, make us instruments of your grace, so that we may strive to meet the needs of our neighbor. Amen.

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