Do not fear

Mark 5:21-43

As he walked with Jesus towards his home, Jairus was hit with the news, “Your daughter is dead.” No need to bother Jesus any longer; you’re too late. With such devastating news, one has to wonder what was it that kept Jairus going. Certainly there must have been something about being in the presence of Jesus that gave him assurance. Jesus said, “Do not fear, only believe” and so Jairus kept going.

Day by day, people are confronted with such news. A loved one has passed away, another is sick. We might receive such news about our own health. So often we come to an understanding and are convinced of certain outcomes. “This condition leads to that one.” “You have this much time left.” “You need to get affairs in order.” When we face these moments, the people of God have the same assurance as did Jairus. “Do not fear, only believe.” Christ is with us.

Through the gift of faith, Christians are able to witness Christ’s saving power. Just as Jesus healed the woman who suffered for twelve years, Jesus heals us from the sickness of sin. As he raised Jairus’ daughter, Jesus raises believers to new and everlasting life. Because of Christ’s victory on the cross, we need not fear death, it no longer has power. Because of Jesus, in death we see the gate to eternal life. Do not fear, only believe.

Prayer: Lord God, give us your assurance always, so that by faith we do not fear, but believe the promise of your grace. Amen.

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