The power of God’s love

Mark 5:1-20

In our world today, we seldom hear of demons seizing control of someone’s life. But in reality, the powers of evil manifest themselves in many ways. Satan’s demonic helpers are more than capable of throwing someone’s life into chaos. Such was the situation of the man in our text whom Jesus healed.

Evil runs rampant throughout the world. Its desire is to weaken people of God and to drive a wedge into relationships of the faithful. The man living among the tombs had been cast out of his community. Causing turmoil and creating havoc, the demons appeared successful in ruining his life, that is until they encountered Jesus. The powers that defy God have only one thing to fear, and that is the power of God‘s love.

Just as Jesus rid the man of his demons, Christ has the power to rid our lives of sin and evil. Try as they might, Satan and his minions cannot snatch the children of God from the hand of the Father. This is the good news that must be shared. Be thankful for all that God has done and continues to do. Go in joy and peace and share the good news, for Christ is with you.

Prayer: Protect me from evil, O God, surround me with the power of your love. Amen.

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