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In the end

Luke 21:5-19, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 Alongside the road there is an old VW van with a sign propped up against it; “Repent, the end is near!” The car in front of you in traffic has a bumper sticker warning that, … Continue reading

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Serve Christ

Matthew 26:57-68, Romans 14:13-23 Confronted by our sin against others, sometimes all we can do is remain silent. Our shame is too great for words; the hurt we have caused cannot be erased by speaking. We all suffer from the … Continue reading

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The power to preach

Acts 8:1-13 Following the martyrdom of Stephen, Scripture tells us persecution arose against the Church. A great number of Christians were thrown into prison for their alleged blasphemy, while others, including Saul the Pharisee, stood by in approval. He too … Continue reading

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Can you drink the cup

Matthew 20:17-28, Romans 5:1-11 Along the way to Jerusalem, the mother of James and John requested that her sons be given places of honor next to Jesus’ throne. Jesus looked at the two disciples and put forth his own question; … Continue reading

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Matthew 16:21-28 I am sure most people have played “Follow the Leader.” It is a simple game, but it can become quite complicated if the leader heads in a direction the rest of the players do not want to go. … Continue reading

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Content to serve

Matthew 13:36-43, 1 Timothy 6:6-21 Songwriter Harry Chapin spun a tale of a man named Mr. Tanner, a dry cleaner who loved his work. He was content with his work and loved his customers. Tanner was also a baritone who … Continue reading

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Share the good news

Acts 4:18-33 It is no secret; Jesus came into this world to save people from their sins. He lived a life without sin and endured the pain of crucifixion, dying for the sake of God’s people. He then was raised … Continue reading

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