1 Corinthians 12:1-11

Within an orchestra, no room exists for division or distinctions. No one instrument or ensemble is superior to another. In order for the composition to be complete, each musician must perform according to high standards, playing instruments to the fullest expectations. When this occurs, members of the orchestra realize their intended purpose and audiences are treated to wonderful music.

In the same way, there is no room for division or distinctions among God’s Church. Such conditions cause conflict within congregations, whose intended purpose is to love God and serve neighbor. In order for families of faith to fully engage the mission of the gospel, members must strive to follow the model of Christ, each according to their gifts or abilities.

In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul explains how God equips the Church. God uniquely blesses his children and calls them to serve according to their giftedness. God’s gifts are many, just as his children are many. Yet, there is only one Spirit through whom we are gifted, and one Lord whom we serve. As we use our gifts according to God’s expectations, we realize our intended purpose and the world becomes witness to the power of God’s love.

Prayer: Equip your people, O Lord, to joyfully do the work you have set before us. Amen.

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