Be reconciled

Matthew 5:21-25, Genesis 32:1-20

People argue over the darnedest things. Once, two friends nearly came to blows over a slice of pizza. Serving their plates, one fellow took three slices while the other took only two. The one who took only two finished quickly and helped himself to more. Following the previous actions of his friend, this time he took three. Well, most pizzas have eight slices, so if two were to share, there would be four slices each. So there ensued the argument. The two friends did not speak to one another for a very long time afterward.

Jacob feared his reunion with Esau, his brother. Years before, Esau sold his birthright to the younger Jacob. Then later, Jacob stole Esau’s blessing that was to come from his father Isaac. Given the ramifications, Jacob feared for his life, so he sent gifts to his brother in order to regain favor. Still, it was the love of God, shared between brothers that finally accomplished the work of reconciliation.

Jesus teaches us that as we realize someone has something against us, we are to go to them and be reconciled. Confession, acknowledging hurtful behavior, and striving for a path forward are the first steps to regaining trust. It isn’t easy. But only when the wrongs we have done unto others are acknowledged, can we begin the work of reconciliation and live in the love of Christ with our neighbor.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me to admit my sins against my neighbor, that we may be reconciled in the love of Christ our Lord. Amen.

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