Whoever loves God

1 John 5:1–12, John 15:1-10

In one of his songs, Christian singer and songwriter Steve Bell points out; “Whoever loves God loves all that God loves. Think about that.” Truly, think about it. As Christians we learn from scripture that indeed God is love, and if we are to love God we will keep his commandments. We will strive to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and love our neighbor as ourselves. It is as simple as that. Love is the key to keeping God’s commandments. Unfortunately, our sinful nature continues to present a stumbling block to love.

Self-centeredness, greed, violence and contempt are such stumbling blocks hurled into the path of faithfulness. Overcoming these obstacles is well out of reach for sinners. On our own we are no match for the devil and his minions. We need strength. We need rescue. We need a Savior whose love overcomes the powers that defy God. Thankfully, we have such a Savior.

John reminds us that through the power of God’s love, Christ has overcome the world and all its evil powers. Through the waters of Baptism, God has poured out his grace and given believers life in his Son Jesus Christ. Living in this life and light, and because he first loved us, we can finally strive to love all that God loves. Think about that.

Prayer: O God, give me the will to love all that you love. Amen.

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