Matthew 4_19

Matthew 4:18-25

Discipline. Just the word itself seems intimidating enough without us having to talk about it. But discipline is what the season of Lent calls for, spiritual discipline is what so many Christians the world over hope to achieve. By dedicating time each day for prayer, reading Holy Scripture, repentance, worship, fasting, works of love and giving alms, our hope is to draw closer to God, strengthening our relationship with Christ Jesus.

Becoming a disciple of Christ Jesus isn’t easy. Accepting Christ’s call to follow him and become fishers of men means Christians must become living reminders of God’s love for his people. In order to become such followers of Jesus, Christians must draw closer to God, strengthening their faith and relationship with Christ Jesus on a daily basis. The disciplines of Lent are the tools for building such faith.

As Jesus walked along the shoreline, he called out to four ordinary fishermen. They learned the way of discipleship through the example of Christ. Jesus continues to call disciples. As we respond to God’s call, spiritual discipline is the means by which we carve out time and space to learn from our Lord and follow his example. Soon, we also become fishers of people.

Lord, grant me the discipline to follow you, that I may fish for people. Amen.

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