Mark 6_31

Mark 6:30-46

The world is a busy place. It is a place where most things on the agenda will do their best to consume even the most diligent of people. Once a task is completed or an experience had, there is always something else waiting in line; one more thing to do. It is little wonder that by the end of the day, so many people feel emotionally, physically, and spiritually drained.

The church is also a busy place. It is a place that will attempt to consume the faithful as they try to meet the demands of an ever growing mission field. Once a task is taken up and completed, there is always another opportunity to address the needs of others. The church’s mission is another endeavor that can leave a body exhausted emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

When Jesus’ twelve disciples returned from their mission of the gospel, Jesus invited them to come away to a desolate place to rest. It is the same for today’s disciple. To rest with the Lord and Savior means to be refreshed by his Word, to be fed with his supper, and to enjoy the closeness of God our Father. This is the benefit of worship and prayer. To rest is to take advantage of each opportunity to draw close to God and be renewed in mind, body and spirit.

Let us rest in you, O Lord, that we may be ready and able to do the work of your gospel. Amen.

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